Nursery Essentials: What You Really Need

I have been spending most of my waking hours planning for my baby’s nursery and pulling together just the right mix of practical and cool. Since this is my second, I know what I really need, what I can reuse from my first and what is a complete waste of money and space. As a minimalist with little square footage, here are my recommendations for pulling together a nursery. Yes, there are many extravagant options out there you will be tempted or coerced to put on your wish list, but here’s what you will actually need.

4 thoughts on “Nursery Essentials: What You Really Need

  1. Good article. Our first is 5 month’s old. We thought maybe we were being a little restrained but we realized we thought it out well and ended up acquiring only those things that are essential and put together a great nursery. The only extravagance was an inexpensive crystal chandelier from and a quiet, remote-controlled rocker recliner. The nursery set was given to us and refinished to our tastes, the shelving unit was purchased off craigslist and refinished and the drapes were picked up at Target. And we have all we need for an efficient, comfortable and pleasant nursery. We don’t even have a matchy-matchy crib bumper. (Pics shown are pre-arrival)

  2. Thank you so much for this article. This is my first child and every other source I looked to for the basics top start were just overly complicated. THANK YOU!

  3. I love your ideas! You are so right. My only additional comment would be to decorate the nursery exactly how YOU want it as a mom. The baby will have no idea and it should be a room that relaxes, inspires, and speaks to you. You will be the one there in the middle of the night barely awake and if it’s a pretty little place for you, all the better! Later it will be great fun to redecorate with your kid’s ideas and taste.

  4. This is a great article. I wish I had had it 9 years ago! There is one amazing convertible crib/bed that goes from tiny to 10 years old which I have only recently discovered and would get if I was starting all over again: The Stokke convertible. It is expensive but by the time I added up all the money I spent on IKEA, mattresses, driving to stores etc etc over 7 years not to mention the time I spent thinking about all this I think it would have worked out the same! Check it out here, it is a thing of beauty and wonder:

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