Room of the Day: Color Palette Gives Teen’s Bedroom Staying Power

This girl attends high school now, but before long, she’ll be in college. So when it came to designing her room, Mom, the teen and the designer all had the same thought: “Let’s make this room last.” The designer, Claire Paquin, knew they first needed to pick the perfect color palette for the room to have staying power.

13 thoughts on “Room of the Day: Color Palette Gives Teen’s Bedroom Staying Power

  1. I used this color in my basement family room–it is gorgeous and sophisticated, not too dark but has depth. The grayish tone neutralizes this medium purple without making it dull, and it works well with a range of other colors. Although it shows lighter with the bright natural lighting in this article, it appears a little darker in my less-bright space. It goes very well with my walnut accent tables and natural linen-colored upholstery, although I love it with the whites shown above.

  2. I love the color! Considering something like this for my teen. Can anyone tell me where the lamps came from? I really like the purple glass. Thank you.

  3. I love the wall colour and think the design here is spot on! This is a really attractive room that is appropriately sophisticated for a teenager, as well as someone much, much older. And although decidedly feminine now, I can also see this working as a beautiful, more gender neutral, guest room. By switching out a few accessories and adding in some darker, perhaps neutral colours this room, I believe, would be comfortable and very appealing to male and female guests. Well done, thanks for sharing.

  4. @emryn1 click on the photo, then hover your cursor over the lamps you like. If it shows a “match” information will show up below the photo.

  5. The white, bright bathroom with purplish accents is very pretty; the room itself is decorated very nicely but the paint color isn’t very cheerful to me.

  6. This mulberry paint color is perfect. I almost used a color like this in my living room. The grey tint neutralizes this multi-faceted color to work as a neutral and to work for any age. Nice window valence to soften that large window. I am loving the herringbone tile in the bathroom. It gets me every time… Your teenage client is a lucky lady~

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