3 Girls’ Bedrooms in 3 Bold Color Palettes

Take a look at these three spaces, and you’ll immediately see bedrooms awash with color. That’s exactly what lead designer Karen Wolf wants you to see. She designed the girls’ bedrooms around a color, not a theme or favorite character that each girl would quickly outgrow. A color theme can easily be accessorized and adapted to create a more grown-up room as the girls go from elementary school age to middle school and beyond.

Wolf’s own kids — 16-year-old twins — helped her land this gig in Short Hills, New Jersey, for her company, Karen B Wolf Interiors. The clients wanted to hire a designer that understood growing kids’ needs and would be able to interact with the girls, ranging in age from kindergarten to middle school, during the design process. “I met with each girl at the beginning of the project to get a sense of their likes and personalities,” Wolf says. “They all understood they were getting big-girl rooms and were excited to have their own room now, not sharing anymore.”

Let’s take a tour of each room, starting with the youngest’s bedroom, and see how Wolf, along with assistant designer Debbie Bodner, used input from kids and parents to create three color-filled rooms for three lucky little girls.

3 thoughts on “3 Girls’ Bedrooms in 3 Bold Color Palettes

  1. Nice rooms. Does anyone else tire of these gender stereotypes? I know one little boy whose room is every bit as pink as the first one. And my son would love the second bedroom.

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