Trending Now: Polished Industrial Style

Industrial style conjures up images of true lofts: concrete, brick, exposed pipes, peeling paint, rough-hewn wood and rusty and crusty finishes. But lately the style has been trending more polished. A few industrial elements stand out, tempered by smoother finishes such as shiny metals, sanded wood, crisp paint, honed or polished natural stone and clean millwork. Here’s a room-by-room look at how designers are achieving a careful balance of industrial style and more refined elements.

3 thoughts on “Trending Now: Polished Industrial Style

  1. It’s industrial style – so it must be modern style, right? Interesting article even if I don’t care for shiny and polish. 🙂

  2. Fun to wake up and see my kitchen.. took a moment for it to sink in, as I’m only a few sips into my coffee. Thanks Becky
    Xxx Andrea

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