How to Choose a Ceiling Fan for Comfort and Style

Ceiling fans make great additions to the home year-round. They cool us down in summer and warm us up in winter. New features and technologies mean they’re more energy-efficient than ever, and design updates have led to some pretty stylish models.

Personal preference plays a big role when buying a ceiling fan, and it’s always helpful to discuss your needs with a professional. To get started on your own, check out the following tips on how to choose a ceiling fan, including determining the right ceiling fan size and the optimal hanging distance from the ceiling.

3 thoughts on “How to Choose a Ceiling Fan for Comfort and Style

  1. When I was a kid my mother and all my aunts had ceiling fans. They were these hideous brass plated colonial things from K Mart and I hated them! No ceiling fans for me. Now, 40 years later I buy myself a small condo to retire in and it has those hideous ceiling fans in the bedrooms. It was winter and it was warm in the room when I went to bed so I switched on the hideous fan to cool the room down. It was wonderful! Kept the room nice and cool and circulated the air. I ran out and got these beautiful new modern style fans with lights and remote controls and love them. I turned the second bedroom into my wash room. I put in a washer but no dryer. I got a little metal drying rack from Ikea and I’ll do my laundry, hang it on the rack, turn on the fan and go to bed. I get up in the morning and presto, the cloths are dry and I didn’t have to pay for a dryer or for running one. The place is air conditioned and I really don’t need them in the other rooms but I do love the one’s that are in the bedroom and washroom.

  2. We put 2 Minka Aire fans in our 12’x24′ screened porch with a “shed” roof. They have been wonderful and I love the remote.

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