Design Recommendation: A Classic Brown Leather Sofa

A brown leather sofa is like a favorite pair of jeans. It’s comfortable, goes with anything and never goes out of style. It’s also durable and easy to clean, just like denim. The neutral color works with a range of colors without diluting its appeal. A brown or tan leather sofa can stand out or recede; it can be the showstopper or the supporting act. Its versatility and casual style make it a go-to for many designers.

3 thoughts on “Design Recommendation: A Classic Brown Leather Sofa

  1. Echoing Sarah. I wish the article had said “saddle” or “camel” leather sofas. Oversized brown leather sofas, IMO, are the #1 Design Dilemma people write in about. “Why isn’t my family room more cozy?” “What’s wrong with my living room?” The answer, nine times out of ten, is that people have a honking dark brown leather manatee in their living room that sucks up all the space and light. Notice in this article that the oversized brown leather sofas are in huge rooms. If you’re going in the brown leather sofa direction, go “camel” or saddle” with streamlined proportions, up on legs for lightness, low arms, etc. and you won’t be begging for help.

  2. We used to have a deep brown sofa. When we moved to our house with a smaller living room, the sofa was too large for the space & the color sucked the light out of the room.

    The brown leather sofas that work the best are ones that are more on the caramel side.

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