Decorating 101: How to Start a Decorating Project

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Congratulations. You’ve decided to decorate your home. Now what?

Whether you’re furnishing your first place or redoing the house you’ve owned for decades, decorating can be a challenging task, filled with costly decisions whose outcomes could haunt you for years. How do you figure out what style is right for you? Should you tackle the job yourself or hire a pro? How much should you spend? And what steps can you take to ensure you’ll be happy with the results?

In this series I’ll take you through the entire decorating process, from initial inspirations to final floor plans. We’ll talk about choosing colors, shopping for furniture, arranging furniture, where you should scrimp and where you should spend.

But before you do any of that, look around you.

3 thoughts on “Decorating 101: How to Start a Decorating Project

  1. Or you could do what I did and finally break down and buy something that calls out to you in the style and color that you really want. Then use that piece as an inspiration until you have a room that you really love.

    One thing I do keep in mind as I’ve redecorated my house is the fact that my tastes change much more frequently than my budget allows so I try to keep my more expensive pieces (such as my couch) more neutral so I can change again in a few years without having to break the bank.

    Mine started with a new welcome mat.

  2. My problem in that I think Ive found a style that I really love, only a few months later to find another that I also love. It is usually completely different form what I have already. Too much choice.

  3. Sooz
    I have that problem too! And I am on a very limited budget which means no “decorating” as such. I have to work with what I already have which is a mish-mash of styles. I can only afford to replace things as they wear out. One thing that helps it from looking like a shambles is to have connection with colours. If you can find a colour theme you like and you feel confident you can blend the styles you love go for it. Pick a dominant colour and two or three others to highlight. That way you can tie it all in through your main colour and groupings of your highlight colours. All the best.

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