A Little Design Help Goes a Long Way in This Bedroom

Work keeps these two Louisville, Kentucky, homeowners very busy. Gretchen Wigand is a periodontist, and Jeff Newbern IV is a dentist who travels between his dental offices throughout the week. When they finally get to relax together on the weekends, they — along with their cat, Winnie — retreat to the master bedroom.

They had been working on redecorating the room for a while, but they weren’t quite sure how to finish it. So, the couple turned to a designer who quickly transformed the room into the sophisticated retreat they wanted with simple, yet effective, interior design changes.

4 thoughts on “A Little Design Help Goes a Long Way in This Bedroom

  1. I like it. Would love to know more about the plastic “S” bands at the bottom of the curtains. This is the first I’ve heard of this. Great job putting the finishing touches on this. In my book, the art above the bed made the biggest difference (and, of course, making the bed).

  2. Wow, the window treatments ftw! I didn’t realize they would make that much of an improvement; it was beautiful before, but adding the woven blinds, and in that color really set the tone. I love it!! Dorazil knows what she is doing.

  3. This was a testament to the added value an interior designer brings. The before pictures were really quite good, but with professional help, it became even more magnificent. The mirror style and size was especially striking. And the artwork.

  4. The nook was a clear improvement. Aside from making the bed, the changes to the rest of the bedroom were too subtle for me to really notice.

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