Midcentury Marvel: Is That a Pool in the Living Room?

The Raymond Loewy house in Palm Springs, California, designed by Albert Frey for the celebrated industrial designer in 1946, isn’t what you might expect of a home created for a celebrity client. Instead of a large, lavish house, Frey’s design is pint-size, built with low-cost materials and beautifully integrated into the landscape, an innovative approach that continues to be relevant.

The house punches above its weight by making a seamless connection between the home’s interior, the exterior courtyard and the desert beyond. Frey’s approach to design, so different from the Spanish-style homes popular at the time, helped create a new style of architecture called Desert Modern.

4 thoughts on “Midcentury Marvel: Is That a Pool in the Living Room?

  1. I love the look of that car in the driveway! I love little details like that. My condo is in an old 50’s apartment complex and how I’d love to have a 56 Desoto parked in my space. My uncle had a pink and grey 56 Desoto. I have a late 50’s early 60’s blond end table in my living room. My mother loved blond furniture and that’s what was in our living room. I added the perfect detail when I put a 1963 TV Guide on it with Fred MacMurray on the cover. No end table or coffee table back then was complete unless it had a TV Guide on it! The TV Guide and a little 60’s collector plate with John and Jackie Kennedy on it. Another one of my staple’s of the 60’s.

  2. What a beautiful house! Amazing how people balk at the size given how wealthy the owner was. People are just too spoiled these days. Totally agree with the architect’s concept that the challenge of building the most with the least money is spot on as it requires a real infusion of creativity. Just love the simplicity of the materials used. This is an amazingly creative home and architects these days can’t come near the innovative ideas these guys came up with in their day. Everybody goes thru trial and error in any aspect of life so its no surprise some ideas weren’t the best. I did guess though that since AC wasn’t available that perhaps the pool inside the home concept was to help with cooling the interior. This is a masterpiece, which is why so many people are in awe of these homes today.

  3. I wonder whether the architect factored in safety concerns from intruders. It must be me but from what I could see can’t you swim under the sliding door that’s supported by a rock to get inside the house?

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