Built for Energy Efficiency in a Cold Climate

3 thoughts on “Built for Energy Efficiency in a Cold Climate

  1. LEED certifiied buildings rely on heavily on passive heating and cooling so a mud room that hinders airflow would actually hurt the building’s overall efficiency. Also there isn’t much practical purpose for a mudroom in Calgary – it’s a cold and dry city.

  2. These 2 homes replaced a sadly neglected 1952 bungalow that a slum landlord had rented out over the years, never improving the house or the property. The property is less than a kilometer from the city centre and connected to the bike and river pathways. We feel this is a definite improvement, housing 2 families and being a high performing home uses very little non-renewable resources and is water efficient inside and out.

  3. Don’t forget to use energy-efficient lighting fixtures both indoors and outdoors. They will save you thousands of bucks in the long run.

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